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2020/2021 Angler’s Green Sports & Activities

             Sports Director- Dennis Geisler

           Activity                         Chairperson

10am Ladies Golf- Monday      Vivian Lesco, Janet Loren, Jane Sheehan, Wanda Beifuss

9:30 Scramble- Tuesday         Bob Powers, Bob Lutz

1 pm Scramble- Tuesday        Tom Carollo

10am Mixed couples golf Wed.Andy & Karen Yak

10am Men’s Golf-Thursday      Bob Munro

1pm Men’s Golf- Thursday      Fred Vance

10am Couples Golf-Friday       Dennis & Yvonne Geisler

1pm   Couples Golf-Friday       George & Janet Loren

9am Bocce-Wed. Oct.                  

9am Bocce-Wed. Nov.             Don & Velma Myers 

9am Bocce-Wed. December     Dave & Jean Frease

10am Bocce- Wed. January     Dave & Joyce Harrison

10am Bocce- Wed. February    Dennis & Sheri Mercier

10am Bocce- Wed. March        Fred & Denyse Spreng

10am Bocce-Wed. April           Lynne & Tim Szente

9am Bocce- Fri. Oct & Nov.      

9am Bocce-Fri.  December      

10am Bocce-Fri.  January        Ray & Sandy Auner

10am Bocce-Fri.  February       Ray & Sandy Auner

10am Bocce-Fri.  March           Dave & Val Staines

10am Bocce-Fri. April              Velma & Don Meyers

6pm Men’s Billiards- Thurs       Bill Hindle

1pm Ladies Billiards -Monday   

10am Horseshoes -Monday      Bill Hindle

1pm Mon. Fun Shuffleboard     Fred & Rosemary Humberson

1am Shuffleboard -Tuesday      Fred & Rosemary Humberson

9am Shuffleboard -Thurs.        Gary Moore

9am Shuffleboard- Sat.            Fred & Rosemary Humberson

2pm Darts- starting in Dec.      Ron & Doris Bonneau               

6 pm Euchre-Thursday            Debbie Abdo

6 pm Bid Euchre- Friday          Gary & Vicki Pritt

6 pm Pinochle- Wednesday      Paul Dickey

1 pm PO-KE-NO Thurs.           

7pm Trivia 3rd Tues.               Andy & Karen Yak

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